ALYC wins LIYC Holiday Cup


Congrats to Dillon Garcia from the American Legion Yacht Club, Deagon Willis from Lake Mission Viejo Yacht Club and Grant Lewis from the Newport Sea Base! Full results here.


RS_Tera-LMVYC at LIYCb snap2017-12-13-11h35m34s371

Sailed: 4, Discards: 0, To count: 4, Entries: 13
RankSail #Yacht ClubSailor Name
1st2334ALYCDillion Garcia
2nd2293LMVYCDeagan Willis
3rd11NSBGrant Lewis
4th2339DPYCRowan Spates
5th2NSBQi Yan
6th 2337LMVYCVivian Ikeda
7th8NSBGareth Overby
8th2807BCYCAutry Rozendal
9th5NSBMaddox Goodman
10th7NSBE.J. Howald
11th1294DWYCNate Espinoza
12th9NSBSarah Sweeney
13th1234DPYCAudrey Whitney-Miller