Oliver Ernest Wins SoCal Series!


Perpetual trophies are hard to win. High point perpetual trophies are the hardest to win. You have to show up a lot, and you have to win a lot. He did. Entered every event, won every regatta (but one, where he came second on a tiebreaker), and won most every race in every event. This kid did it all during a very tough year. The RS Tera 2020 season champion. 45 kids tried. One prevailed. Contrats Oliver!


2019-2020 RS Tera SoCal Series:


2019-2020 SoCal Series:

Notice of Series (click here)





Sat Oct 26 ABYC Halloween Charity Regatta NOR / ENTRY Alamitos Bay Yacht Club 2019, 2018
Sun Dec 15 Kris Kringle Regatta Westlake Yacht Club 2018-WYC, 2018-LIYC
Sat Jan 25 2020 Super Bowl Charity Regatta Santa Monica Windjammers YC 2020, 2019
Sun Feb 16 SCYA Midwinters Westlake Yacht Club2020, 2019
Sat Apr 11 Jessup RegattaPOSTPONED Oceanside Yacht Club2020
Sat May 9 Jeffrey Adam Memorial RegattaCANCELLED DPYC / Dana Pt Harbor Youth Foundation2020, 2018
Sun May 31 Junior Leukemia Cup RegattaCANCELLED Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club2020, 2019, 201

2019-2020 RS Tera SoCal Series - Notice of Series


2019-2020 RS Tera SoCal Series
Notice of Series
1. Rules:
This Series shall be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the prescriptions of US Sailing, this Notice of Series and the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions issued by each host event

2. Eligibility, Entry & Fees:
2.1 2019-2020 RS Tera California Series is open to all members of the RS Sailing North America Class Association. Register for the class at RSTeraNA.org. Separate Divisions may be established for Sport sails and Pro sails.
2.2 An entry and any associated fees with each individual host club must also be completed for each individual regatta in accordance with the Notice of Race for each Event.

3. 2019-2020 Regatta Dates and Hosts: Events chosen to be a part of this Series may be added, canceled or changed up to one month prior to the date of the originally scheduled or replacement event, whichever is earlier.

Sat., Oct 26 ABYC Halloween Charity Regatta, Alamitos Bay Yacht Club
Sun., Dec 15 Kris Kringle Regatta, Westlake Yacht Club
Sat., Jan 25 Super Bowl Charity Regatta, Santa Monica Windjammers YC
Sun., Feb 16 SCYA Midwinters, Westlake Yacht Club
Sat., Apr 11 Jessup Regatta, Oceanside Yacht Club
Sat., May 9 Jeffrey Adam Memorial Regatta, DPYC / DPHYF
Sun., May 31 Jr. Leukemia Cup, Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club

4. Scoring:
4.1 Scoring shall be per RRS A9 except that the high point system will be used. The total score for the series shall be the total of all of a competitors regatta scores in the Series.
4.2 If there is a tie between two or more skippers, the tie will be broken per RRS A8.1 and A8.2.

5. Trophies:
5.1 The RS Tera California Series Perpetual Trophy shall be awarded at the final event of the Series to the Sport Sail junior who has the highest cumulative point score for the scheduled regattas using the scoring system explained above. The names of the winners of both the Sport sail and Pro sail shall be inscribed on the Perpetual Trophy. The perpetual trophy may be kept for that year in the Yacht Club of the winning skipper. If the club does not have adequate facilities to retain the trophy, it shall then reside at a place determined by the RSTeraNA Series Captain.
5.2 Take home Trophies shall be awarded the top of finishers in the series.

6. Disclaimer of Liability
Competitors participating in any regatta in the series do so entirely at their own risk. See RRS 4, Decision to Race. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the any regatta in the series.

7. Information
For information, contact the Series captain:
Steve Potter – seriescaptain.rsterana@gmail.com

2019 RS Tera North American Championships

2019 RS Tera North American Championships

Hosted by Dana Point Yacht Club & Dana Point Harbor Youth Foundation
September 21-22, 2019 Dana Point, California, USA  - Results on Clubspot
By Todd Riccardi & Berkeley Green  Photos: Bronny Daniels Joysailing.com

TeraNAs-Pro_fleetThe second annual RS Tera North American Championships was held in the waters off Dana Point, California. Dana Point is iconic, known for the birth of the Hobie Cat and now a significant starting point for the RS Tera in North America.

The inaugural 2018 Championships attracted 31 boats and were won by Emily Rychlik of Westlake Yacht Club. This year we attracted 44 RS Tera sailors from 15 programs with competitors traveling from Maine, Colorado, and all over California. 2019 also featured two divisions: the Sport Class with a 38 sq. ft. Dacron sail and the 50 sq. ft. Pro Class, which uses a full batten Mylar sail on the same mast. This versatility allowed sailors as young as 7 years all the way to sailors age 15 to compete in a wide range of conditions.

TeraNAs-Christopher1Day one of the championships was a qualifying series to determine the Championships fleet, 3 races were sailed in a seabreeze that built to 12 knots by the end of racing accompanied by a nice Pacific Ocean swell. In the Sport Division, the top three for the day were Henry Richter from Colorado, Christopher Daher, and Oliver Ernest both Dana Point locals. In the Pro Division, Tate Christopher from Alamitos Bay YC, William Gear from Maine, and Omar Alami from Sausalito YC took top honors for the day.

For Day two, four races were held in 4-7 knots with an incoming current forcing much of the fleet to choose the tactic of going right along the breakwater for current relief. In the Championship Sport Gold Fleet, Christopher Daher once again dominated the first three races, a poor start in race 4 nearly jeopardized his chances of taking the regatta win but he held on for the overall win. Last year’s defending Champion Emily Rychlik from Westlake Yacht Club put up an impressive performance good enough for Second Overall in the event and could have won if not for an inconsistent 9th place finish in the third race of the day. Carl Richter sailed a consistent day to take home third overall.


Congratulations in the Championship Sport Silver Fleet: Megan Farmer from Alamitos Bay YC, Jonah Barbee from Dana Point, and Vivian Ikeda from Lake Mission Viejo. Eight year old Delany Ernest from DWYC placed 5th in Silver and Miles Gordon from SMWYC, just turned 9, placed 4th in Gold Fleet.

Results posted on Clubspot.

TeraNAs-TateCIn the Championship Pro Class, Tate Christopher continued to sail consistently to take home the overall win, a late charge from fellow ABYC member Nicholas Mueller was enough to solidly put him in Second overall, followed by William Gear from Maine who had a tough day in the lighter conditions but held on for third overall.

  • Special Thanks for 18 loaned Teras from:
    American Legion Yacht Club
    Dana Point Harbor Youth Foundation
    Dana Point Aquatic Foundation
    Dana West Yacht Club

  • Tons of regatta photos in the Galleries!
    Courtesy Bronny Daniels! Joysailing.com
    Courtesy Colin Grey Voigt – Here

For more photos and video please visit “RS Tera Sailing USA” on Facebook.

Contact Todd Riccardi Todd@RSSailing.com

2019 California Series Results


Congratulations to Emily Rychlik, Oliver Ernest, Christopher Daher, Kate Sweeney, Xyler Yee and Eoghan Gloster!

2019 Series Calendar:





Jan 26

Super Bowl Charity Regatta

Santa Monica Windjammers YC


Feb 17

SCYA Midwinters

Westlake Yacht Club


Mar 2

Jeffrey Adam Memorial Regatta

DPYC / Dana Pt Harbor Youth Foundation

2018, 2019 rained out

Apr 28

Koll Family Spring Dinghy Regatta

Lido Isle Yacht Club

2019, 2018

May 25

Memorial Day Regatta & BBQ

Santa Barbara Sea Shell Association

2018, 2019

June 2

Jr. Leukemia Cup - ENTRY

Bahia Corinthian YC

2018, 2019

June 9

Olympic Gold Regatta

Westlake Yacht Club


June 29-30


Richmond Yacht Club


July 18

Beach to Bay

Long Beach Yacht Club


July 20-21


Encinal Yacht Club


July 27

Tera Race for Elizabeth Hospice

Oceanside Yacht Club


Aug 3-4


San Francisco Yacht Club

2017, 2019

Aug 4-9

RS Tera World Challenge Trophy 2019 ENTRY

Ljungskile, Sweden


Aug 31-Sept 1


Treasure Island Sailing Center


Sept 21-22

RS Tera North American Championships ENTRY 

Dana Point YC / OC Sailing & Events Center



Oliver Ernest wins at 2019 Oceanside Yacht Club Elizabeth Hospice Charity Regatta


Oceanside Yacht Club hosted its very first RS Tera regatta on July 27th 2019. It was a beautiful day for sailing in Oceanside’s outer Harbor with the wind clocking 225 and some south swell pumping through the harbor mouth making for some interesting starts and a few opportunities for downwind surfing. 9 skippers participated with 3 boats down from Dana Point and one from West Lake Yacht club. Emily Rychlik from WLYC got the first bullet with Alex Fisher from OYC in 2nd, but the rest of the day belonged to Oliver Ernest with 4 successive bullets to take the win with 7 points.
OYC TEra Regatta 2019OYC has recently added 6 Teras to its program and is looking forward to hosting more events. Ron Dreyer, OYCs Junior Director had this to say “Oceanside Yacht Club was delighted to have competitors from Dana Point and West Lake. We’d like to reciprocate. Visiting skippers showed great racing skills. They showed us that we need to sharpen our racing techniques.”

OYC Tera Awards 2019

From Left: Emily Rychlik (2nd), Tyler Olsen (4th), Xyler Yee (3rd), Oliver Ernest (1st)

OYC Tera Scores 2019

Big Breeze for SBSSA Memorial Day Regatta


A small but mighty turnout for the Santa Barbara Sea Shell Association annual Memorial Day Regatta & BBQ. With winds up to 20 knots, the sailing was great, just watch out for sandstorms on the beach. Great hospitality from the SBSSA volunteers !

DPHYF Teras at SBSSA-1


SBSSA-Memorial Day

Xyler Yee

Xandon Reid


Eoghan Gloster


Christopher Daher


Oliver Ernest


Life Lessons at LIYC Spring Dinghy



For eight year old Miles Gordon, Race #1 of the Koll Family Spring Dinghy Regatta turned out to be a “significant emotional experience.” A life changer, in the sense of lessons learned. For his age, Miles has advanced technique and a rare level determination. It was no surprise when he nailed the start, and at 48 pounds in 5 knots of breeze, pulled ahead to lead at every mark and on to what should have been a 1st place finish – so he thought. But no signal came from the R/C. Those nearby heard a cry and observed the rapidly increasing horror as he realized boats were finishing on the other side of the committee boat! Quick as he could, Miles ducked below the committee and crossed the line but the mistake put him in 5th place.


In the next few minutes, Miles confronted the question “to sail or not to sail” with all the intensity an extremely distraught eight year old can muster. Lucky for Miles, his coach Steve Potter was able to smooth over the rough spots, highlight the importance of close attention to the Sailing Instructions and offer up sage advice to “never look back, always focus on the next race.”

As it turned out, Miles rallied to place 1st in Race #2 and 3rd in Race #3, earning him 2nd overall. Close enough that if he hadn’t made the mistake in Race #1, he would have beat 2018 RS Tera North American Champion Emily Rychlik. It’s safe to say Miles Gordon is one to watch, and he’s now even better prepared for life’s next essential lessons.


Since 2014, Lido Isle Yacht Club has invited RS Teras to race in the Spring Dinghy Regatta. With the races held directly in front of the club, LIYC is not only a favorite for the kids, parents enjoy perfect viewing and a relaxed friendly atmosphere. Based on consistent growth in SoCal with new fleets at Oceanside, Westlake and Santa Monica, and turnouts of up to 30 Teras at regattas, it won’t be long before the class can support A and B fleets. Most important for the kids is the new friendships and an opportunity to reconnect junior sailors from across the region in traditional One-Design competition.



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